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Mobile Marketing

More and more people are using mobile to go online instead of PC, it is a must and trend for you to add mobile element into your marketing campaign!

More and more people are going to your site using their phones, viewing pages on displays with different dimensions than the traditional desktop or laptop monitor, and interacting with your site using touchscreens. Would all your campaign be Mobile-Ready?

Smartphones on the market are with different dimensions than the traditional desktop or laptop monitor, and the smartphone of different model are with different size of screens. Popular smartphone on the market includes

  • iPhone

  • iPad

  • Android

  • BlackBerry

  • Windows Phone 7


Our solutions are all-inclusive & ready for you to capture the mobile trend as soon as possible. Our solutions include:

  1. Mobile-ready website creative & development – ready for IOS and Android devices, all brand images, products and information of your web will be displayed clearly, smoothly and accurately

  2. Mobile Applications development, design, submission to Apple & Android, consultation & launch

  3. Mobile Advertising consultation & solutions, for advertising on popular App your own App, Google (especially cater for target customers who are iPhone & iPad users) and other popular search engines

  4. Mobile Advertising production banner, advertising on mobile applications

  5. Mobile Payment, ready the most convenient , secure & up-to-date payment gateway for mobile users

  6. Mobile Company App to show the company identity

  7. Mobile Product showroom linked up with your eshop and POS

  8. Integration with other technical solutions – QR (Quick Response) code design, AR (Augmented Reality) games, etc.


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